Fasciatherapy will help you gain awareness of your body thoroughly while gently,and will allow you to regain range of movement.

What is Fasciatherapy?

Fasciatherapy is a gentle technique that works on the fasciae, the very thin membranes that envelop the muscles and organs of the body and link them together from the toes to the top of the skull.

representation de fasciathérapie

How does it work?

The practitioner applies their hands to the body by exerting gentle pressure more or less long on specific points. He must of course have a perfect knowledge of the anatomy and the spider web that connects the fascias. There are no manipulations but only gentle pressures. The practitioner works on the fascias, these very thin and elastic membranes that envelop all the organs of the body and cushion shocks. These tissues sometimes remain “blocked” and cause pain, fatigue, ill-being and various ailments.

The Benefits of Fasciatherapy

Fasciatherapy helps relieve blockages, strain, stress and fatigue, all without pain and gentleness.Fasciatherapy helps to relieve joint and muscular problems but also bronchitis, asthma and migraines.Fasciatherapy also helps prevent certain ailments.

It usually takes two to three one-hour sessions to feel a noticeable improvement.

For more information, watch this video (in French): Fascia d’après l’émission X:enius d’ARTE